How can Mıcrofocus help you to alıgn Agıle teams wıth busıness teams?

19 Eki 2017
10:20 - 11:00
Hall 2

How can Mıcrofocus help you to alıgn Agıle teams wıth busıness teams?

The DevOps movement is gaining traction in organizations around the world because it is the best way to address many of the competitive challenges that enterprises are facing. It extends the most valuable aspects of agile development throughout the application lifecycle, removing the bottlenecks that slow down application development and delivery and also cost enterprises their customers, revenue, and reputation.

But DevOps is not always easy for organizations to either understand or implement. When organizations first grasp the concept of DevOps, it makes inherent sense—after all, removing silos to encourage collaboration, quality, and speed is clearly a winning proposition. But DevOps requires changes to technology, processes, and culture, making it challenging for organizations to adopt.

Microfocus provides unmatched capabilities with a comprehensive set of DevOps consulting and implementation services and unique intellectual property that help you deliver high-quality applications faster and accelerate innovation. Commence or accelerate your journey to DevOps with the Microfocus DevOps Transformation Workshop.

Only Microfocus Services brings together DevOps consulting expertise and an industry-leading DevOps software platform to help you break down the silos, encourage collaboration, and increase quality and speed of application development and delivery.