5 Thıngs You Need To Do To Scale Your Agıle Adoptıon

19 Eki 2017
11:20 - 12:00
Hall 3

5 Thıngs You Need To Do To Scale Your Agıle Adoptıon

Organizations can improve their Agile scaling efforts by focusing on 5 common challenges: the way teams are chartered, how people come together to form teams, how their values and working agreements are protected, how they are helped to remove impediments, and how they learn to improve what they deliver based on feedback. These common challenges can derail and distract the efforts of the organization to reap the benefits of agile, empirical product delivery. This presentation discusses these challenges and strategies organizations can use to overcome them.

Structure of the Session 

  1. Manage your portfolio with Outcomes (not Output)
  2. Help teams and stakeholders to self-organize
  3. Support and protect Agile values with strong leadership
  4. Systematically remove sources of waste and delay faced by Agile teams
  5. Measure and improve value delivered with frequent feedback (Inspect and Adapt)

Learning Outcomes 

  1. To understand why focusing on outcomes delivers better results than focusing on outputs.
  2. To learn how to switch to using an outcome-based approach to portfolio management.
  3. To learn how to help teams come to agreements on how they will work with each other and stakeholders.
  4. To learn what leaders must do to support and protect Agile teams.
  5. To understand what support Agile teams need from their organization.
  6. To understand how measuring value delivered helps teams learn where they need to improve.